Our Location

Train where the people are!

… lift up your eyes, and look on the fields; for they are white already to harvest. ~ John 4:35


New Jersey is the most populated state per square mile, averaging almost 1,200 people for every square mile. It is the only state where every county is categorized as “urban.”


The northeast corridor of the United States (Washington DC to Boston, MA) contains approximately 20% of the nation’s population in 2% of the nation’s land mass.

Friend & Family

Outreach Vision

…and ye SHALL BE witnesses unto me…

Vision Baptist College is positioned in the heart of the vibrant northeast corridor. Nestled between New York and Pennsylvania, students are provided endless opportunities to witness, serve, and reach people.

God established VBC here on purpose! Bus ministy, church on the go, door to door witnessing, and  special events are some of the ways students impact our community.